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Truthful Tuesdays: Let's be honest when people see the girl on the right, (me) they NEVER think that I have all of the invisible illnesses listed on the left. In fact I have been told way to MANY times that I am "too pretty to be sick" once people find out or have found out that I'm actually sick they are either in shock or disbelief. This is what lead me to start "P.s. Pretty Sick." I thought of it as a play on words, a way to help bring awareness and spread the word that simply put...people don't have to look like their illness or disability to be considered sick. Our invisible chronic illnesses and disabilities may hurt us or cause us pain physically and or emotionally, but they don't make us! We can dress in the latest fashion, put on the most vibrant makeup, and be the most prettiest girl or attractive guy and still have a daily struggle with invisible illnesses. We are sufferers, conquers and warriors who still choose to show that we are pretty sick (in the most amazing way).

Have you ever been told that you were too pretty to be sick? If so share your story or post a purple heart.

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