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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Truthful Tuesdays: MOMENTS. Let's take a minute and talk about them. Simply put its ok to have a moment of uncertainty or moments where you feel like you can't accomplish something due to stress, or because its hard coming to grips with your current health situation; Its ok not to be ok. And honestly, I had one of those moments yesterday as I sit in my bathroom trying to manage my alopecia hair. I became overwhelmed and started reminiscing about the times when my hair was healthy and flourishing and I didn't have to worry about people taking notice or trying to cover up the loss patches of hair spots for the sake of being asked "what's wrong" or being laughed at or not feeling "beautiful."

My Invisible illness and medications have caused me to suffer with hair loss that I've hid well and I've simply put the emotional impact of the issue to the back of my mind...until yesterday when I was faced with me, myself and I, a mirror and my alopecia hair. I felt overwhelmed and had a moment of pity for myself. However, I didn't let that moment dampen my full day or anyone else's. I cried, wiped my tears after my bestie consoled me and helped me through the moment and then pushed on. Sometimes when dealing with invisible illnesses, chronic illnesses and disabilities we take on a lot and were given news that we don't want to hear about our health conditions or self; we just take it and suppress the emotions that may be associated with that info and then BOOM! There comes a moment when reality hits you and now you're faced to deal with it. In those moments take a deep breath, cry, let it all out and then think of how you can get past it; maybe with prayer, talking to someone and or searching for the positive within the situation. Give yourself the gift of a moment, because within that moment you may simply learn something about yourself and come out with a thought of transformation, a feeling of confidence that you "got this!" and words of encouragement that can help inspire someone else ❣.

** Have you had a moment? If so how have you handled that moment?

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