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Pretty Sick Chick

Welcome to P.S. Pretty Sick! My name is Lesley also known as simply Les to others. I am the founder, advocate, and creative mind behind this pretty dope site. As someone who deals with many invisible illnesses, I wanted to break the stigma that many believe...wish is we have to look like our illnesses or look a certain way to be considered ill or sick. Society as a whole has failed to recognize that chronic, mental illnesses, diseases, and disabilities don't have a look and that illnesses can look different for each individual. I opened up this space to speak on my own experiences,  to bring light to others experiences as well, and to show the world how people like you and I have helped break the barrier and defy the odds by showing that although we are sick we can still be beautiful, brave, attractive all while fighting the day to day battle of living with invisible illness, disabilities or chronic diseases. So here is to the idea of breaking the mold and letting the world know that you are P.S. Pretty Sick!

Shots Taken

For years I've suffered from both mental and physical illnesses that weren't visible. One of the terms that I would often hear from people including doctors, nurses, etc., whenever they met me was "oh wow you are too pretty to be sick." I oftentimes laughed and shook it off but I would often find myself coming back to the thought wondering..."what does that mean, am I not supposed to be attractive or pretty as a person because I have an illness?" It was bothersome and an unbelievable thought that such people would even think that I had to look like what I was feeling or going through. And so I begin to think if I've experienced this in my life then there must be other women and men who have experienced such bias stigmas and ideas as well and so "P.S. Pretty Sick" was born.

Pretty Sick would love to hear back from you. If you have any questions, concerns, or encouragement that you would like to send please feel free to use the form below. 

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P.s. Pretty Sick

"Because simply put we don't have to look like our illnesses. Defy the odds, break the molds, crack the shells, and show the world that you are Pretty Sick in the most amazing way!"



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